Date Quality:ca

Dimensions:72.2 cm Length x26 cm Width

Number of Pieces:2

Type:Trees of Christ


Shelfmark:Lewis MS E 249a,b

Provenance:England, Southern


Contents:Two membranes from a roll of Peter of Poitiers' Compendium historiae in genealogia Christi. Lewis E 249a displays the final segment from a longer biblical history tracing Christ's descent from Adam, with miniatures of Christ's birth, crucifixion, and resurrection. Lewis E 249b illustrates the devotional image of the Wheel of Sevens, including personification of the vices, with text explaining the diagram below. Two membranes appeared in the catalogue of Berlin dealer Paul Graupe in 1928, lot 7, pl. 5; one of the miniatures from these membranes is now at the Cleveland Museum of Art, 1954.388. Two additional membranes are in the collection of Dr. Elie Borowski, Toronto, and another belongs to the Huis Bergh Collection 's-Heerenberg, Netherlands, cat. 214. fr. 23.

Bibliography:Bühler, Curt F. “Prayers and Charms in Certain Middle English Scrolls.” Speculum 39, no. 2 (1964): 270–78.