Date:1500 -1600

Dimensions:1483.4 cm Length x12.7 cm Width

Number of Pieces:24



Shelfmark:e Mus 245


Contents:A roll of incantations and prayers consisting cheifly of three long lines, the first and third being incantations and prayers, and the middle on mostly excerpts from the foud Sequentiae of Capitula from the Gospels, all in Latin. Above and below these are fanciful names of God and of spirits, the Tetragrammaton, etc., and figures and diagrams occur at intercals in all the lines, some containing weird forms of letters.

Bibliography:Skemer, Don C. Binding Words: Textual Amulets in the Middle Ages. Magic in History. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2006, 212.

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