Date:1400 -1410

Dimensions:539 cm Length x56 cm Width


Shelfmark:Plimpton MS 286



Contents:Compendium historiae from Jesus Christ to St. Peter to the antipope Alexander V (1409-1410) in column 1. Column 2 contains Julius Caesar to Louis IV of Bavaria (1328-1346). Column 3: the legendary Francio to Charles V (1364-1380). Column 4: the legendary King Lud to Richard II (1377-1399).

Bibliography:Norbye, Marigold. “Genealogies and Dynastic Awareness in the Hundred Years War: The Evidence of A Tous Nobles Qui Aiment Beaux Faits et Bonnes Histoires.” Journal of Medieval History 33 (2007): 297–319.

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