Date Quality:ca

Dimensions:327.5 cm Length x40 cm Width

Number of Pieces:5



Shelfmark:MS 692


Contents:Ripley Scroll. The roll is divided into five panels: the first an Alchemist holding an alembic; the next, which is the largest, a fountain supported by a column with many symbolic accessory figures: the thrid, a golden eagle on a sphere, with legend 'The Birde of hermes is my name: eatings my winges to make me tame': the fourth, a large green dragon with other symbols: the last, a full-length figure of the Philosopher, bearing a staff having a scroll wrapped round it, one end terminating in a spear-haed, the other in a horse's hoof shod.

Description:Mounted on linen, with wooden rollers.

Bibliography:McCallum, R. Ian "Alchemical Scrolls Associated with George Ripley," in Mystical Metal of Gold: Essays on Alchemy and Renaissance Culture, ed. Stanton J. Linden (New York: AMS, 2007), 161-188.
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