Date:1458 -1461

Date Quality:ca

Dimensions:616.6 cm Length x25.6 cm Width

Type:GB Roy. Gen.

Shelfmark:Royal 14 B VIII

Provenance:Unknown Provenance

Contents:Chronicle of the genealogy of the kings of England to 1458. Begins with the antediluvian portion of the chronicle attributed to Peter of Poitiers. Afterwards are traced the genealogies of English kings to Edward, Prince of Wales, son of Henry VI, from Noah through Boerinus and Woden, and from Rollo, and of Welsh princes from Noah through Brutus. In parallel columns are (a) the genealogy of Christ, followed by the series of popes to Pius II; (b) the succession of British kings to Careticus; and (c) the succession of Roman kings and (selected) consuls, followed by emperors from Julius Caesar to Frederic IV. Similar to Harley Roll T. 12 and Add. MS. 24342.

Description:Written on vellum.

Bibliography:De la Mare, Albinia Catherine. Catalogue of the Collection of Medieval Manuscripts Bequeathed to the Bodleian Library, Oxford by James P. R. Lyell. Oxford: Clarendon P., 1971. p. 84-85.