Date:1460 -1470

Dimensions:175 cm Length x53.5 cm Width

Type:GB Roy. Gen.

Shelfmark:Harley 7353

Provenance:Unknown Provenance

Contents:Typological life and genealogy of Edward IV.

Bibliography:Radulescu, Raluca. “The Political Mentality of the English Gentry at the End of the Fifteenth Century.” New Europe College Yearbook 8 (2001 2000): 355–89. p.369.
Sutton, Anne F. and Livia Visser-Fuchs. Richard III’s Books: Ideals and Reality in the Life and Library of a Medieval Prince. Stroud, Gloucestershire: Sutton, 1997, 138, 197 n. 37, pls 64, 66.

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