Date:1300 -1400

Dimensions:161.3 cm Length x20.3 cm Width

Type:GB Roy. Gen.

Shelfmark:Cotton Charters XV.7

Provenance:Unknown Provenance


Contents:Roll containing a Chronicle from Brutus to the death of Edward II. In three parts. 1. Chronicle from Brutus to the martyrdom of St. Alban, with a picture of the fight with the Giants, and the decollation of the Saint. 2. Chronicle from the Heptarchy to the death of Simon de Montfort, 4 Aug. 1265. Imperfect at the end. 3. A continuation to the death of Edward II, also incomplete at the end.

Bibliography:Tyson, Diana B. “The Manuscript Tradition of Old French Prose Brut Rolls.” Scriptorium 55 (2001): 107–18, BL5.