Dimensions:327.7 cm Length x22.9 cm Width

Type:GB Roy. Gen.

Shelfmark:add MS 29504

Provenance:Unknown Provenance

Contents:Genealogy, with biographical notices, of the Kings of England, from "Adelstan, primus dux de Saxonibus," to the coronation of Henry VI., in 1429. Latin . The preface begins, "Finito dominio Britonuin post regem Cadwallader." On the dors is a genealogy of Scottish kings from Brut to Robert Bruce; and also of the Dukes of Normandy from Rollo to William the Bastard.

Description:Written on vellum.

Bibliography:Gatfield, George. Guide to Printed Books and Manuscripts Relating to English and Foreign Heraldry and Genealogy Being a Classified Catalogue of Works of Those Branches of Literature. London: Mitchell and Hughes, 1892.