Date:1450 -1500

Dimensions:314.96 cm Length x31.12 cm Width

Type:GB Roy. Gen.

Shelfmark:add MS 24026

Provenance:Unknown Provenance

Contents:Genealogical Roll of the Kings of England from Egbert to Edward IV., with historical notes. On the reverse are genealogies of the Dukes of Normandy from Rollo to Robert Courthose, and of the descendants of Henry III.

Description:Written on vellum.

Bibliography:Anglo, Sidney. The British History, in Early Tudor Propaganda. Manchester: John Rylands Library, 1961.
Gatfield, George. Guide to Printed Books and Manuscripts Relating to English and Foreign Heraldry and Genealogy: Being a Classified Catalogue of Works of Those Branches of Literature. London: Mitchell and Hughes, 1892.