Date:1250 -1300

Dimensions:61 cm Length x7.6 cm Width


Shelfmark:add MS 23986

Provenance:Unknown Provenance

Contents:Song of the Barons, with Inderludum de clerico et puella on dorse.


Bibliography:Rouse, Richard H. “Roll and Codex: The Transmission of the Works of Reinmar von Zweter.” In Paläographie 1981: Colloquium Des Conité International de Paléographie. München, 15.-18. September 1981, edited by Gabriel Silagi, 107–23, XI – XV pl. Münchener Beiträge Zur Mediävistik Und Renaissance-Forschung 32. Munich: Arbeo-Gesellschaft, 1982, 119 and n. 30