Date Quality:ca

Dimensions:29 cm Length x30.5 cm Width

Type:Mortuary Roll

Shelfmark:Loc I:8

Provenance:England, Durham

Contents:Lamentation in praise of John Wessington, prior of Durham, over 60 years and 6 months a monk, prior for 29 years and 6 months, who died aged 80 on 5 Ides April [9 April] 1451 at the 9th hour, by Prior William [Ebchester] and the chapter of Durham.

Description:This is a draft (an obituary roll with tituli does not survive).

Bibliography:Raine, James, ed. The Obituary Roll of William Ebchester and John Burnby: Priors of Durham, with Notices of Similar Records Preserved at Durham. Durham, UK: George Andrews, 1856. 63-71.