Date:1283 -1290

Date Quality:ca

Dimensions:68.5 cm Length x31.5 cm Width

Number of Pieces:1

Type:Mortuary Roll

Shelfmark:Loc I:1

Provenance:England, Durham


Contents:Mortuary roll of Robert [of Holy Island], bishop of Durham, containing: Lamentation in praise of Bishop Robert by Richard [of Claxton], prior of Durham, recording his death on the 7 Ides of June [7 June] 1283 and his burial with his predecessors in the Durham [cathedral] chapter house. Indulgence of 40 days from Robert [de Prebenda] bishop of Dunblane for those who should pray for the late bishop's soul. At Durham, 6 Ides October [10 October] 1283.

Bibliography:Raine, James, ed. The Obituary Roll of William Ebchester and John Burnby: Priors of Durham, with Notices of Similar Records Preserved at Durham. Durham, UK: George Andrews, 1856. p.51-53.̄ Rollason, D.W. England and the Continent in the Tenth Century: Studies in Memory of Wilhelm Levison. Brepols: Turnhout, 2011.